Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Will the B.L.T Loader work with my model gun mags?

A:In all of our testing there can be more stubborn mags than others. If you are having trouble, try loading one round by hand and then retry with the loader. New mags can have stiffer springs and followers. We found that keeping ammo in the magazine for a few days helps during the break in period.**During testing the most stubborn mags were G3C mags.**

Q:Will the B.L.T work with all ammo?

A:In our extensive testing the loader works with all ammo tested. 

Q:How much force does it take to operate the B.L.T?

A:We designed the loader so that any one could fully load a standard capacity magazine. With any type of loading, as the round count goes up the tension can increase as well. That said, everyone should be able to fully load standard capacity mags, and most people will not have any trouble fully loading their magazines.

Q:Do I need to lube my BLT?

A:No. We designed the BLT to not need lubrication. If you do happen to get gun oil or gun cleaner on the B.L.T, it should not interfere with the loading operation and due to its material, can be easily wiped clean.